and merlotmom are participating in the HP Magic Giveaway. To enter you must do a blog post about the giveaway and why you should win and what would you do with the 6,000$ worth of techie fun prizes. So here is my WOW entry

First off its a wonderful prize package and I would like to offer my thank you’s to HP, Microsoft, Buzz Corps, Techiediva , and Merlotmon.  You all rock.:)

Second I totally believe in “paying it forward”. In the past I have recieved help from many organizations and I have always told myself that if I ever get a chance to “pay it forward” I would.  My choice is the Ronald McDonald House of Mid- Michigan.  I would donate a laptop and a printer to them for the families of ill children to use for emailing relatives that are out of town, research and to post maybe on their own blogs .  I feel that this would be a wonderful gift to this organization.

I would keep the desktop for myself… give a laptop to my fiance for Christmas and share the rest with my family as a shared family gift.

And in the spirit of the season  BELIEVE .